Sunday, April 06, 2008

Who's missing?

The Observer writes a mostly fawning article on someone's opinion of The world's 50 most powerful blogs. Skip the boot-licking details of the first couple of items and just scroll down the list.

Someone who should obviously be in this list isn't. Someone at the Observer is a clueless git.

UPDATE: From comments, I think El Capitan knows who's missing.


  1. Heh. Indeed.

    Actually, out of the 50, I'd only known of 13, and of those, only read 5 with any regularity.

    The blogosphere is a BIG place...

  2. Ok they can't be that great if the highest one I read is IcanhasCheezeburger at #8, then Michelle Malkin at 28. I've heard of a couple others, altho I note the conspicuous absence of Kim du Toit. I mean, he's everything a Liberal should like: he's got a girl's first name, a French last name, he's an immigrant, he's truly African-American.