Friday, May 16, 2008


Doing some CD ripping today. I received a newish Rush CD recently from, and when I went to rip it, I discovered that I had somehow neglected to rip all my other Rush CDs. So I went over to our recently unpacked rack and looked through it for a stack of discs to rip.

I must have another box of CDs somewhere, because I noticed a few missing. For example, the two Tangerine Dream CDs that I already ripped weren't there, but the one I have previously missed ripping was. Don't know how that worked out.

So here's a list of discs I'm ripping today, mostly because I somehow missed them before.

Fly By Night
A Farewell to Kings
Permanent Waves
Moving Pictures
Hold Your Fire
Roll the Bones
Vapor Trails

Michelle Shocked -- The Texas Campfire Tapes
Kraftwerk -- The Man Machine
The Alarm -- Electric Folklore Live
Tangerine Dream -- Stratosfear
Styx -- Pieces of Eight (previously digitzed from vinyl--now I have a much better copy)
The Doors -- Waiting for the Sun
Herbie Hancock -- River: The Joni Letters

I recently received The Doors' "Absolutely Live" remastered also, but I haven't ripped it or even listened to it yet. It arrived during the transition phase, and it just ended up in a box somewhere. I think it's with all my computer peripherals, which I expect to get unpacked pretty soon.

UPDATED to add: I am familiar with "Absolutely Live," in case that wasn't clear. I haven't listened to the CD yet, but I've listened the the vinyl version many times.


  1. Good Rush music. I'm especially partial to Permanent Waves. And Grace Under Pressure is a particularly choice album, in my opinion.

  2. Not a big Rush fan, but everyone has their own tastes. I listen to The Doors a lot; have all of their albums in vinyl, and even saw them in concert once; after that concert they were banned from the state.

  3. I have Grace Under Pressure on vinyl, but it is second on my list, right after Test for Echo. I was able to order almost everything essential via yourmusic, except for Power Windows. I don't know why they don't have that one.

    But I already have Power Windows on vinyl.

  4. I'm not old enough to have seen The Doors in concert. Well, I could have, but I would've had to have been pretty young. But I have all their essentials on vinyl, and now I'm just getting the CD versions.