Thursday, June 05, 2008

Disgusting news from the BFA

Gun manufacturers continue to aid gun banners | Buckeye Firearms Association:
Having just devoted a substantial chunk of pro bono legal work fighting governments committed to destroying your gun rights, I was horrified to read the March 2008 editions of several of my favorite gun magazines. Prominently featured in each edition was a feature story about a large manufacturer of 1911-type guns, breathlessly detailing the “gee whiz” details of their newest model dedicated to a California police agency. Each of the stories went into the history of the department the gun was designed for, yet one critical piece of background information was omitted from the tide of “fanboy” coverage.

These guns were all designed for a local government committed to stripping civilians of the right to own this same gun.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I love this particular manufacturer, and I personally carry their product almost daily. I have unreservedly recommended their product to students when asked. Honestly, given a choice, I PREFER their product. But there is no avoiding this conclusion: This manufacturer is designing firearms for police agencies in California at a time when California is committed to abolishing civilian ownership of these same firearms. If any of the gun writers who covered the unveiling of this product chose to question the wisdom of this sell-out, I have not yet found it.
Smith & Wesson had to learn the hard way.

Ronnie Barrett no longer sells his rifles to California police departments, nor does he service rifles sold before he cut off sales.

STI International stopped selling to California law enforcement after the microstamping fiasco was passed into law there.

But Kimber sells arms to police agencies there that are illegal for Californian "civilians" to own.

Follow the link for Kimber's address & phone number if you wish to register a protest.

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