Saturday, June 14, 2008

Now it makes sense

News of the Weird:
Two men from the class of ’08 did not graduate from Duke University in May because they were two of the three lacrosse players accused of rape in March 2006 and were forced to suspend their academic pursuits in order to defend themselves against the charges that were later dismissed. Another ’08 student did graduate in May in Durham, from North Carolina Central University: Crystal Mangum, the drug-abusing, part-time stripper who had relentlessly accused the three of raping her but whose story was later found to be completely unsupported. Mangum’s degree is in police psychology.


  1. They should have been given their degrees for the way the university hung them out to dry.

    I sure hope the DA's office and campus faculty learn something about innocent till proven guilty.

  2. My confidence in the universe just slipped a notch.