Thursday, June 05, 2008

Spam poetry

Arose from a desire of promoting the salvation
by the desire for favour and fame,
the other only 'la faute de l'abbe mouret'
one summer under the edd.
Before halm read possunt,
but the subj. Expresses it so!
What else is to be done?'
and the son of existent one the ruling being,
the holder of the of his progress.
As they continued bobby responded said,
by good luck, i see you, ye bulls among.


  1. This is worse that that "Magnetic Dog words" haiku I did. Lemme guess, yours is completely composed of actual spam subject and content lines?

  2. Not exactly. Every now and then I get spam that has a link to the product or service (in this case, V**gr*), and following that is a completely nonsensical message body. I don't know how to why they even bother to put these message bodies in, because they don't have anything to do with the product being flogged and they don't make any sense about anything anyway.

    This "poem" is one of these message bodies, verbatim. All I did was break it into verses so it looked poem-ish.