Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sure, we'll put it on right away!

I got stuck today with a company truck that has a broken antenna or something. It wouldn't pick up any but the strongest stations. So I settled for listening to KZEP all day. Sometime during the morning (9:00, 10:00?, I'm not sure), the DJ says, "Okay, all request time. Give us a call if you want to hear something special."

Oh !@#$, I thought, here comes "Stairway to Heaven."

Ten minutes later: "There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold..."

Now, I don't have anything against that song. I have the album. I even sang along with bits of it today. But could there be any greater cliché than calling up a classic rock station and requesting "Stairway to Heaven?" If I was the DJ, I would have to set some limits: "Okay, all request time. Give us a call if you want to hear something special, but no Stairway to Heaven. No Proud Mary, either. And fortheluvva, if you're going to request Pink Floyd, make it something besides Money."

I count it as a small miracle that I didn't hear "Hotel California."


  1. KZEP only has 2 songs from most bands programmed into their DJ-ATRON 5000.

    Luckily for them much of San Antonio is musically brain dead.

  2. Unlike cookie-cutter, corporate cluster radio stations, lone wolf KZEP will play your request. The T-Bone was on 9a-2p today, and if someone needed to hear Stairway he simply provided a service. Enjoy your local classic rocker while it's still quirky--KZEP becomes absorbed by Clear Channel this Fall. Maybe it'll improve. Stay tuned...