Saturday, July 05, 2008

More movies

A few that I forgot to list in the last post.

Haunted Honeymoon -- Not Gene Wilder's funniest, but still funny enough to keep.

Return of the Living Dead -- A total splatterfest. Super zombies this time that can't be killed by simply destroying the brain, and smart enough to use an improvised block & tackle to open a barred door. Conspiratorial in-references that the original movie didn't tell the whole story. I have "the original movie," Night of the Living Dead on tape. A double-feature tape with Reefer Madness, it was a Christmas gift from a co-worker many years ago. "I saw that tape, and knew it would be perfect for you," she said.

Waiting for Guffman -- Have not seen it yet, but I've been wanting to. I also want to catch A Mighty Wind when I get the chance. For that matter, Spinal Tap would be a good catch, too.

And three that I captured since the last post.

Meet the Robinsons -- Recommended to me by (of all people) my 7-year-old son. It turned out to be a pretty cool movie.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre -- The original!

To Hell and Back -- I had this one on tape, but thought I'd get a DVD capture of it for posterity. I've seen it three or four times, and will undoubtedly watch it again.

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