Friday, July 11, 2008

Nothing much again

I have succeeded well in my vacation goal of doing almost nothing.

Today we finally moved The Last Big Thing since we moved into the new house: an enormous dresser that belonged to my late mother-in-law which was stored at my great-grandfather-in-law's house. We had to borrow my brother-in-law's trailer to move it; it wouldn't fit in the back of my pickup.

I was wondering if I'd still be able to handle a trailer. I had remarked to my dad once that I was afraid I would lose my ability to back a trailer from lack of practice; he said it was something I'd never forget. I think he may be right. My dad has the opinion that no one really knows how to drive unless they can drive a stick shift and back a trailer.

But the trailer went right where I wanted it to go, and when we finished and I put it back where I had found it, I saw that the trailer hitch was only about an inch and a half off from where it was when I hooked up. I think that's about close enough.

So now we finally got rid of the last few boxes and bags of clothes that had been crammed in the closet. All of my t-shirts are now either hanging in the closet or folded and put in a drawer. I even found my old long-sleeved black "evil sorcerer" t-shirt that I bought at a headshop in San Marcos at least 20 years ago--although at the time I was naive enough not to realize it was more than a t-shirt store. I do remember thinking it strange that the cashier kept all his money in a zipper bag instead of a cash register. Also he said "man" a lot. That shirt is still almost like new because I've worn it only a few times at Halloween.

I think tomorrow we're going to head way across to the other side of S.A. and visit Bass Pro Shops. I've heard there's some fun stuff there besides just browsing and/or shopping. I know it will pain me, because I'll see things I wish I could buy but can't, but still, I think it will be fun.

I also hung two mirrors and a hat rack today. The hat rack will be for my caps. So far only one cap is on it: the Alamo cap I bought Monday at the Alamo gift shop. I wanted to get a nice cap for special occasions. Yes, around here we have work caps that we are willing to get sweaty and dirty, and "dress" caps to wear when we want to look nice. I need to get a couple more dress caps, and see if I can hunt down my missing work cap. I wore it just a few days ago, and it seems to have vanished.

I didn't get much reading done today because I was going through some old videotapes and trying to find movies that I knew I had taped once but couldn't find. I couldn't find The Return of the King, nor several Harry Potter movies that should be here somewhere. However, I did find a tape of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Interesting because it was taped back when AMC didn't show commercials. Also found Snow Day, a kid's movie made by Nickleodeon with one of my favorites, Chris Elliot, as the villain. Also found my tape of The Crow (the original), and my complete collection of The Young Ones that I taped from BBC America with the commercials edited out.

That reminds me. With all the book-handling I've done lately, I haven't seen Neil's Book of the Dead. But as usual, it's gotta be around here somewhere...


  1. I can proudly say that I can drive a stick shift with the best of them, but I will just as proudly say I'm probably the crappiest backer-upper of trailers! Man, that's just one skill I could never master!

    Oh, and I know you're gonna love the Bass Pro Shop. For regular things (like coolers or folding chairs) they're a bit overpriced, but they have a selection of stuff you probably can't find anywhere else without having to order it online. I look forward to hearing a report.

  2. Boom Shanka! Vegetable Rights and Peace!

  3. I can't back a trailer worth a dang. The part of my brain that does that is out to lunch.

    I'm wondering if that bass pro shop has the indoor rifle range like in Houston.

    That would be something worth visiting.

  4. Hammer: Yes. Although I didn't go inside it, I saw on their floor map that they have a rifle & pistol range. They also have an archery range.