Saturday, July 12, 2008

They should all be keelhauled

From BBC:
Richard Smith and Sharon Cooper from Stone in Staffordshire have postponed Morgan's sixth birthday while they await the outcome of their application.

Permission is required to fly anything other than national flags, a Stafford Borough Council spokesman said.

After a complaint the family were told they were in breach of planning laws.

The couple have paid £75 for the application.

"I wanted to show my friends the flag but now I've got to take my flag down and I'm sad," Morgan told BBC News.
The flag in question:

So congratulations to both the Staffordshire Borough Council and the complaining neighbors. You just taught a six-year-old boy why he should hate your overbearing, pompous nannyism. Maybe this will stop him from growing up to be just another serf.


  1. The kid wants a pirate-themed b-day party, including hoisting the Jolly Roger, and the town council is the ones to say no? They even add that flying the Union Jack or the England flag would be ok (I thought the England flag AKA St George's Cross, was banned at soccer, 'scuse me, football matches for being a racist symbol). Oh wait, I get it! They're afraid those two big knives on the flag will start killing folks! Or maybe that the knives can actually be taken off of the flag and used against someone. Yeah, that's the ticket!

  2. Perhaps he won't become a serf, but societal apathy is powerful stuff; look at the pitiful condition of the UK today.