Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Utterly bizarre

Readers of this blog are probably not aware (and probably don't care) that some people in Georgia claim to have a dead Bigfoot in their freezer (they say it was shot with a .30-06). They've been claiming that they will show proof that the creature exists, but they keep delaying their date of revelation (right now it's September 1--I think originally it was supposed to be August 1).

A lot of people in the cryptozoo world have been calling them on it. If they have something, why not show it and prove it? Their answer has been to reply with personal attacks against those who publicly doubt them.

And now they have pretty much hit the wall of extremity. They held a book-burning and effigy-burning, replete with profanity and "homophobic attacks."

Those of us who have been following this story are still waiting, still trying to figure out what the heck they're really up to. My question is: why? What could they possibly gain by making false claims to have a Bigfoot body and then slandering authors who have written books on the subject? It doesn't make sense.

P.S. One of them is a Georgia "Only One."

Anyway, Cryptomundo has the scoop, and video.

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  1. Yeah, these Georgia guys are full of it, and they know it. At least Phylis Canion was forthright with her dead chupacabra and offered up samples for DNA testing. She didn't like the results, but she wasn't hiding anything.