Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not much done today

I haven't been feeling all that well since Friday, probably got the cold that my wife had, although at least I didn't get the fever like she did (so far).

Logged onto today and did some browsing. They have a whole bunch more Jimmy Smith albums available now, including a remastered version of the legendary Back at the Chicken Shack (which I have on vinyl).

I've also been snooping, both on- and off-line, for a possible SATB (church music) version of the old song "Angel Band," which was part of the O Brother Where Are Thou soundtrack. That version is by the Stanley Brothers, but I also have a version by Carl Story. My dad thinks he knows where there's a hymnal that has it, so it's looking good. If that fails, I've already started working on arranging such a version myself, partly by ear and partly by guitar tabs that I snagged off the internet.

We didn't go to church today because my wife was working and I felt terrible and didn't want to get out of bed unless I had to, so I got almost nothing accomplished today except writing a few notes on "Angel Band." But I was also looking through one of the old hymnals and found a version of "Amazing Grace" with 5 stanzas. I had never seen more than 4 before. I also found a version of "How Great Thou Art" written in C, which is different to me. Every time I've ever seen it, it was in B♭. And that's about all I did today.

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