Friday, August 08, 2008

Two more old ones

Down on the Corner is not part of the discography of CCR according to both Wikipedia and the official CCR website. It must be some kind of semi-bootleg, probably printed in Malaysia or something, dated 1991. I had to scan the tape jacket to create a thumbnail for it. Bought it in a truck stop somewhere while I was truck driving. I bought several tapes during that time that I don't listen to much now that that's over. It may be hard to believe, but there are still lots of places in this country where you can't clearly pick up any radio stations. At least not when it comes to FM. I suppose you still might pick up some AM skip no matter where you are. Anyone want to take a guess at what format of FM music station is the most commonly found, no matter where you are? Go on, take a guess, and I'll answer later.

I also have Chronicle (2-record set). Funny story. It arrived in the mail one day. But I never ordered it. I was somewhat perplexed. That night around the supper table I told my family about it. My oldest sister said she had ordered it for me, because she thought I might like it. That was nice of her, but it still had me puzzled, because she didn't normally do that sort of thing. I never really got into CCR that much, but they have lots of songs that I don't mind hearing on the radio. Except, of course, for the song that shall not be named. "Down on the Corner," "Lodi," and "Who'll Stop the Rain" are some favorites from this tape. I also like Bonnie Tyler's version.

The first Heart album I ever bought was Greatest Hits Live sometime in the mid-80's. This one was a few years later, partly because it was in the bargain bin and partly because I thought it might fill in some blanks. I really like Ann Wilson's voice on "Mistral Wind." I wouldn't mind getting more of their earlier stuff, but I'm really not interested in anything after 1980 (although I do have Heart from '85).


  1. The truckstops around SA have or had the best bootleg tapes. I was able to get some songs from my favorite bands that were impossible to find even to this day.

  2. That's pretty much true no matter where you are. The #1 enemy of the truck driver is boredom, and if you offer cheap tapes they will be sold. It doesn't really matter who is on them.

  3. I bought a Black Sabbath tape in a truck stop one time. It was a live performance from the Ozzy years, and, though I didn't think about it at the time, I'm pretty sure now it was a bootleg. I haven't seen it in years, but I remember it was pretty good stuff. As far as old live Black Sabbath performances go.

  4. "...take a guess at what format of FM music station is the most commonly found..."

    OK, I'll take a guess.


  5. No matter where I was in the United States, even in the vast open swaths of the west, I could almost always pick up one contemporary Christian station. And many times, nothing else.