Thursday, September 11, 2008

Alas! My pipe! Hard must it go with me if thy charm be gone!

I have suffered through three long weeks of pipelessness. One cold after another, constantly feeling sick. Yesterday I finally seemed to emerge from the gloom. I felt that my energy had returned, and I coughed up a bunch of the stuff that was choking my voice away. So today I had a pipe for the first time in three weeks.

You know something? When I'm not able to sit here puffing on a pipe, I just don't give a rodent's sphincter for blogging.

I had occasion a couple of days ago to have some vital stats taken. My blood pressure was 100/60. It always has been on the low end. I also weigh only 168 now in my stocking feet. Several years ago, when I had a very sedentary job, I broke 200 and things just weren't right. I went on a diet back then, and managed to drop 20 pounds, but couldn't get any lower than 180 because I didn't get any exercise. Since starting the job of full-time meter reading about 15 months ago, I have lost weight. I knew I had, but I didn't know how much (our bathroom scale doesn't work). Today I got home to discover that my wife had purchased a new pair of jeans for me (black jeans), with a 34 waist. They fit perfectly. There was one time when I actually had bought two pairs of size 38s because I could barely squeeze into the 36s and couldn't carry IWB at all with a 36. I don't know whatever became of those 38s. Anyway, I'll still be wearing 36s and just cinching them up with my belt because I have a lot of them, but I think it's very remarkable that I can get into a 34 again.

Also I think I'll still need the 36s for IWB carry.


  1. Wast that quote Ahab?

  2. Yes. Just before he tosses his pipe into the ocean.