Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More downloading

This latest cold or whatever it is, is strange. Usually when I get a cold like this, it starts in the back of my throat and goes up so I have a few days of extremely sensitive sinuses and racking, spasmodic sneezing spells. This time it started in the back of my throat and went down. So now I have laryngitis. Only the second time in my life that I've been afflicted with this, although this time is not nearly as bad as the first time. Also I just feel tired all the time.

I've been doing some mp3-related stuff. Got the email that I signed up for from Amazon today. They have two albums available for free download that (miraculously) both look like something I'd like, although they are very different. One of them was called "fever dream metal" by whoever wrote the email; a genre I'd never heard of before, and one which isn't described on Wikipedia. I couldn't find anything with G00gl3 either. So I looked up a couple of individual bands and decided the descriptions looked interesting enough to download it. Takes a while at my speed, but what the hey, I'm not expecting any important phone calls. Fortunately Amazon downloader supports restartable downloads so I can do it a little at a time. Should finish tomorrow, I think.

So anyway, the album is The End Records Free 16-Song Sampler. The other free one is an EP-length album by some new singer-songwriter guy out of Nashville, and the sound samples are Americana-ish. It's called Where We Started by Matt Wertz. I think both of these free offers are good through September 15.

More comments after I get these downloaded and have a chance to listen to them. I'm especially looking forward to that sampler. The sound snips I listened to were very tantalizing.

Also I found an ambient music website that looks pretty good but I'll save that for later. But right now it's time for medicine and bed.

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