Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Needs more nutmeg!

Swedish magazine recalled after faulty recipe poisons 4:
Ten thousand copies of a food magazine were recalled in Sweden after a mistake in one of its recipes left four people poisoned, the magazine said Thursday.

"There was a mistake in a recipe for apple cake. Instead of calling for two pinches of nutmeg it said 20 nutmeg nuts were needed," Matmagasinet's chief editor Ulla Cocke told AFP.

"We know that four adults ate one cake made from this recipe, and they didn't feel well," she said, adding that "this is obviously very regrettable."

The four people had experienced symptoms of poisoning, including dizziness and headaches, but were now feeling better, she said.
What boggles my mind is that these people didn't immediately know that it had to be a typo of some sort. Because, man, that is a b*ttload of nutmeg. I mean, that cake wouldn't even taste like cake. It would taste like NUTMEG.

Okay, I don't really have any "tales of misspent youth," because I've always been pretty straight. But back in the 80s (the 80s were sort of my 60s) I dabbled with...(cough) well, one thing I read was that if you ingest enough nutmeg you can get a buzz on. So I took a bunch of old medicine capsules and dumped out all the expired medicine, then went so far as to wipe out the insides with a q-tip. And then I filled them all with nutmeg and swallowed them. How many? I don't remember. Probably 10 or 20.

I didn't get nutmeg poisoning, neither did I get a buzz. But my burps did taste like nutmeg for 2 days.


  1. Yep nutmeg was used as a hallucinagen in Europe in the 1500s it took about 4 large ones to get an effect.

    As far as the recipe...who in their right mind would use 20 except a total noob?

    P.S. they sell empty capsules at the planet K... I use them to make my own herbal remedies.

  2. Wow. I'm not a cook, by any means, but I think that *I* could've caught that one.
    People, as usual, can astound us once again with incompetence.

  3. Nutmeg gives a hangover that can only be described as ferociously awesome and makes a booze hangover look pleasant.

  4. A morning glory seed hangover isn't very pleasant, either. And it can last for days.

  5. Also many morning glory seeds are processed with mercury to kill bacteria and supposedly to curtail their misuse.

  6. They're also coated with an emetic so you vomit if you try to eat them, but I had a source for "organic" seeds that were safe to eat.