Thursday, September 04, 2008

When drums stop

A man had to go on a business trip to a small foreign country that shall remain nameless because that's not the point anyway. So he had a quiet, uneventful flight, but as he stepped off the airplane, the first thing he noticed was a man standing nearby playing drums. It struck him as odd, but he assumed it had some cultural significance. He jokingly asked another passenger, "What's the deal with the drums?" But the other passenger only looked startled at the question and said, "When drums stop, bad thing happens," before hurrying away.

So the businessman left the airport and caught a taxi to go to his hotel. As they drove along, he noticed numerous people standing on sidewalks playing drums. It was very odd. He checked into his hotel, and there was a drummer in the lobby. When he stepped off the elevator to go to his room, there was another drummer there on his floor. It was now starting to strike him as very bizarre so he asked the person why so many people were playing drums, and also if he could please stop because he wanted to catch a nap before dinner. "No, no, no," the drummer insisted, shaking his head, "When drums stop, bad thing happens."

So our businessman decided to go straight to dinner. He walked down the street to the restaurant, and this was when he realized that it was impossible to get out of earshot of someone playing drums. As soon as he put some distance between himself and the last drummer, he would be approaching another one. Everywhere, he could hear at least one person playing drums.

He eventually returned to his hotel room and found the same person as before standing on his floor playing drums. He went to his room and tried to sleep, but the drums kept him awake. Finally he confronted the drummer in his hallway and asked him again why he had to keep playing the drums. The man would only say, "When drums stop, bad thing happens!" The businessman had had enough. He seized the drumsticks from the man and shouted, "Tell me right now what this bad thing is! I'm going to break these drumsticks over your head if you don't tell me!"

The drummer, his eyes wide with terror, screamed back, "WHEN DRUMS STOP, SAXOPHONE COMES IN!!!"

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