Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lines, signs, and skies

Nothing really interesting to see today, but I thought this picture had some nice contrasting shapes and colors. Did an easy route (651 meters in less than 4 hours) that I had only done parts of before, and in fact I personally resequenced the last subdivision on it a few months ago. Easy week this week. Tomorrow is Crownridge (easy), but Thursday is the Dominion (a major pain). Fortunately, I'm off on Friday because I had a day of "personal holiday" that I have to use or lose. So working the Dominion won't be so bad since I have a three-day weekend to look forward to. This is a view of an empty field with some apartments in the distance from the parking lot of a school not far from the star on the map.

I know it looks like an empty spot where the star is. Apparently mapquest knows the street is there even though it isn't illustrated on the map yet. It's a new subdivision, which is why it needed resequencing. Other people were going in there and reading the meters without bothering to put them in order on the computer. So of course I ended up cleaning up the mess (which is basically the story of my life).

Another good thing about work this week is that I got out of doing Alamo Heights (a colossal pain), because their scheduling conflicted with our dreaded Cycle 5. Since our old lead meter reader retired, I'm the only guy who knows the Crownridge route. Also, there are only three of us who know the Dominion, and one of the other guys is out hurt (hairline fracture in his foot--happened during work). By the way, I do have a minor injury that I've been working with. A compression injury to my left Achilles tendon (the tendon got squished too hard, too far). It doesn't bother me too much, though. Just every now and then when I take a wrong step or I step in a hole and my foot bends too far forward--which is how I hurt it in the first place.

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  1. You're getting some "zen" into your photography. I like what you're doing.