Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Not to change the subject, but...*

Two questions:

1. Did everyone on Blogger get an email about the Weblog Awards?

2. When did post offices stop having stamp machines?

*my late grandmother's favorite conversational segue


  1. 1. I haven't seen an e-mail from Blogger yet.

    2. Last week, the Post Office in Leon Valley still had a stamp machine, but a sign on it said it would soon be gone. I wonder if they will still sell stamps at the counter.

  2. 1. no
    2. I saw one in our big PO across town, but that was several months ago. I think there's still one in the Super Wally-World, but half the time I see it, it's got an "out-of-order" sign stuck to in. I don't really buy stamps too often, bought a couple of books of "forever" stamps, that will probably see me thru the next time they raise the rates.