Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Progress report

I'm glad to say that yesterday I had the opportunity to set someone straight on "assault weapons," how gun shows work, how hard and expensive it is to legally acquire fully-automatic weapons, and what the "assault weapon" ban really did. Fortunately, this wasn't a person who was pre-biased, it was just someone who was honestly ignorant and asked some honest questions.

Now if I can just get him to stop referring to a .40-caliber Glock as a "Glock Forty."


  1. Good on you. Unfortunately, the people are still listening to the MSM. That may change (Obama) but educating them one at a time is progress.

  2. The same people probably think (because of television crime shows) that a 9mm handgun is the deadliest weapon out there. Any bullet can kill, but a .357 hollow point will do a lot more damage than a 9mm hardball.