Saturday, November 22, 2008


A few weeks ago I created a Facebook account because I wanted to be able to view David Codrea's Facebook page and I couldn't unless I had my own page and got added as a "friend." So I have a Facebook page.

My question is, why would someone who I don't know want to add me as a so-called "friend?" Not only do I not know them, it is very unlikely that I would have anything in common with them and in fact probably be at odds with them.

Puzzling. Anyway, I think I'm going to just delete the account, if possible. Doesn't seem much use.


  1. Though I have no personal experience, my understanding of these social networking sites is that there can be a lot of spammy friend requests. Could be bots searching for suckers, or just clueless n00bz trying to puff themselves up by having a high friend count.

  2. The only reason I did it is because of my new Examiner column, and coincidentally received an invite from Larry Pratt. But looking at referral results from there, from Digg, from Reddit, Twitter et al makes me question whether it's worth the effort--if I wasn't trying to promote something, I'd see no use in being on such sites.