Saturday, December 20, 2008

Calling bull****

James opines on a topic that frequently fills me with rage, and every time I see such a commercial, I loudly and annoyingly call bull**** on it with detailed explanations.  I not only agree with James, I would go even further.  Those commercials are without a doubt responsible for getting people robbed, hurt, or killed.  Are they held liable when someone with the system gets robbed or murdered?  I'd sure like to know, because regardless of what the law is, those companies are responsible because they willfully promote ignorance and helplessness.


  1. I ain't screamed BS at the TV yet, but i have grumbled about the sheeple attitude in those ads. Even the current GF can see those situations are scripted junk.

    I recall one day at the ex-in-laws' house, the M-i-L answered the door to find a salesman for one of those home security systems. Now, she's a cop's wife and lives in Texas, so she knows she's got better odds with a gun at home than waiting on those idiots. The salesman starts into his spiel, and she gently says she's not interested. He tries persisting with "Aw, c'mon..." and she shouts "NO!!!" and slams the door on him! It was one of the early times I was visiting there, so it caught me way off guard, leaving me with a shocked and slightly panicked look on my face, which gave the wife a good laugh, she was long familiar with her mom's sudden crankiness.

  2. One of those sorts of home security salesmen showed up at my mom's house one day, made his speech, and said installation would be free if they just put the company's sign in their yard. My mom kindly said, "No thanks, I'm not interested." The guy tried to talk her into giving it a try. Little firmer, she said, "I am really not interested." Guy starts to say, "Awww... c'mon---" Mom yells, "NO!" and slams the door in his face. She turns around to us and says, "Well, I'm sorry, but my husband is a cop... I know that crap is useless."

  3. I guess you can tell it was memorable when two people who were there independently leave comments telling the same story.