Friday, December 05, 2008

Info bleg

I've been trying to track down an old Christmas movie that I saw once when I was a kid. It's about this man who is a widower who lives with his teenage daughter. The wife had died at some Christmas-time in the past and as a result, he had become bitter and no longer celebrated Christmas. However, his daughter still wanted to celebrate it. Her school had put a Christmas tree up, and when the holiday break came around, they drew numbers to see who got to take the tree home. His daughter won it, and brought it home, causing conflict with her dad.

I think it was made in the 70s but was set in some earlier time. I do know it was set in the time before they put "under God" into the Pledge of Allegiance. I don't remember who was in it, but I think the father must have been some fairly well known actor. Does anyone remember a movie that sounds like this?



    The House Without a Christmas Tree

    A young girl named Addie, living in Nebraska in 1946 wants nothing more for the holidays than a Christmas tree, but her widowed father (Jason Robards), is bitter and refuses due to events from the family's past

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    THAT'S IT!!!!!

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