Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ask or vote, but do something

David Codrea alerts us to the RNC Debate website, at which we can submit questions to be posed for candidates to the RNC Chair. You can also vote up or down on the questions others have asked. Second Amendment-related questions are painfully far down the list when sorted by number of votes.

Go there, register, and if you can't think of a question to ask, then at least go through the list and vote on others' questions.

My own is #658, just for the record.
Mr. Codrea's is #542, which I used as the starting point for mine.
Another good one was posed by Michael Bane, at #630.

You will probably recognize other names you are used to seeing during your blog-reading, if you start looking through the list.

Go forth.

UPDATE: Cool! I got 6 votes since I posted it less than an hour ago.

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