Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Call of Cthubuntu

Correlating the contents, in Linux:
His office was like an ancient reliquary, and every nook and cranny was occupied by the historical treasures that he had accumulated over the long years. He had always planned to start a museum with his sizable collection so that he could continue sharing his love of computer history with future generations. I traveled to Arkham and arrived at Miskatonic with the intention of seeing that goal fulfilled. Amid the temporal debris in his storage room, I discovered a PDP-4, an Apple Lisa, endless piles of punchcards, and what appears to be the original draft of Charles Babbage's 1857 study entitled The Relative Frequency of the Causes of Breakage of Plate Glass Windows.

My eyes wandered down the rows of shelves, past the piles of ADB cables, and fell upon an unassuming brown cardboard box in a dark corner. It exuded a sinister aura that filled the room with an oppressive weight. As I walked closer to it, I could see strange symbols emblazoned upon its surface. I opened the box and paused for a moment before reaching inside to withdraw its contents. What emerged from that box will haunt my dreams until the day that I draw my final breath. It was a black CD case decorated with a visage of unparalleled grotesqueness.

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