Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fawn & Cactus

Voluntary overtime today, and since we're on Cycle 10 that means I got a route that I've never done before--way out in the nosebleed zone. I'll get my regular Cycle 10 (a combination foot/motor route that requires two people) on Monday.

I knew it was going to cool off today, so I took some extra coffee in my Thermos. I really wanted a bear claw to go with my coffee after I finished the main route, so I drove to the nearest Valero. There was a Citgo closer, but I don't patronize Citgo.

So anyway, this painting was on the wall in the Valero restroom. An odd thing to see in such a place, but then I'm pretty sure it was built as a little mom & pop "country store" or even a small restaurant, and this decoration is a leftover from before it became a Valero.

They didn't have any bear claws. I had to settle for a honey bun.

P.S. Somebody please explain to me why there is not a major convenience store at 281 & Stone Oak.


  1. McDonalds and HEB are right up the road from there.

  2. That's never stopped them from putting in a Valero before.

    Also my Visa check card won't work on those pumps at Walmart or HEB. It has to be at a regular place like Valero or Exxon. I don't know why it won't work, but it won't.