Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"It's been a long time since I've had my head cut off."

One of my favorite shows is back. Not back, exactly, because the original show that I am familiar with was different. The story is closer to the original manga this time, but...what the heck, no one wants to hear all that.

This episode includes some really sweet slow-motion action of this pistol cycling. It also shows the shells ejecting. Apparently it uses a custom "auto-rim" version of the Casull cartridge.

Some nomenclature on the back end of the slide for your edification.

This is an utterly ridiculous shot, but still a mighty impressive image.

The ghoul in back takes a head shot.

It almost makes me want to change my avatar again.

"Nothing I shoot ever gets back up again."

I'm talking about Hellsing Ultimate, of course. Running at something like 4:45 AM Sunday morning. Thank goodness for DVD recorders.

The artwork is mind-blowing, the violence is unremitting (rule of anime: all humans contain at least 40 gallons of blood), the soundtrack is (in my opinion) not quite as good as the first series, but the story is better and the animation much better. I'd still like to get the original series sometime, mostly because I really liked the music.

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