Thursday, January 29, 2009

Live-action Blood: The Last Vampire

Interesting news here. Blood: The Last Vampire is a good anime movie, about a Japanese schoolgirl who hunts down and kills vampires with her sword. (Sometimes it gets run on some movie channel or other--if you see it's coming up, give it a shot). Only she's not really a schoolgirl, she's...well, you know. Because in anime, it always takes a vampire to kill a vampire. The live-action movie doesn't have a U.S. release date set yet, but it's one I'll watch for. It has three things going for it that make me more optimistic about it than that live-action Cowboy Bebop they're working on.

1. It does not star Keanu Reeves.
2. It did not come out of Hollywood.
3. It does not star Keanu Reeves.

There was also a sort of reboot to the anime called Blood+, which was a series rather than a movie. It was not quite dark enough for me, and Saya was far too schoolgirlish and self-pitying for my tastes. The movie version of Saya was dark, snappish, angry, and generally a total b----- who could slice off a vampire's head with a flick of her wrist. Much more my kind of anime heroine.

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