Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bad tapes

I made another pass through my cassette shelves, a futile search, I knew, but man, it bugs me that that other Skinny Puppy tape has vanished. I'll have to wait until I can get a new turntable to hear those records again. I did come across some dub tapes made by a co-worker.

I knew this guy once. He's one of those people I wish I had never met, except that I did buy a really cool CD from him once of a group who I probably never would have gotten into otherwise. But man, that guy was a colossal jerk.

He was constantly trying to pass himself off as a music snob. The more I witnessed his utter jerkdom, the more I became convinced that he listened to stuff that he thought made him look smart, and that he had never really developed his own sense of musical taste. He listened to a lot of Frank Zappa. One day he persuaded me to give him a few blank tapes and he made me these dub tapes from some of his old Zappa records.

They totally suck. Not because they are of Frank Zappa, but because the dude didn't know what he was doing. If I ever created bootleg tapes that sounded that bad, I would burn them and scatter the ashes randomly across seven counties before I ever admitted to being that incompetent. I would never have given them to anyone and told him to give it a listen. The music is almost buried by the rumble. It's just terrible. And I don't even try to pass myself off as a music snob. Well, almost never. Only when someone mentions Kenny G.

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