Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hellsing close-up faces study: Order 01 - Integra part 1

None of these pictures are really spoilers, and none should be objectionable to anyone, but since I've figured out how to make an expandable post I'm going to make it a practice to hide the body of the post anyway when I do these movie/tv review posts. Here is a collection of rather stoic close-ups of Integra Hellsing. Note: the expandable trick doesn't work if you're reading this via the RSS feed. Nothing I can do about that. Sorry.

Integra Hellsing is the leader of the Hellsing Organization. This series, which is the older series simply called Hellsing, doesn't really give any information about how or why she is the leader, or why Alucard seems to be so devoted to her. There is more information on this in the newer series, Hellsing Ultimate OVA.

Integra is usually very stoic in Hellsing. She usually shows either no emotion at all, or betrays rage at certain times. There's hardly ever anything in between. This series of close-ups shows her in her usual straight-face.

Integra enjoys smoking small cigars. This shot is from a scene in which she lights one up. The animators effectively show contrasts between light and dark as the light from the flame flickers against her face, hands and hair.

This is a close-up shot of the metal cross she wears on her tie, or cravat. It is common for metal and glass objects to be shown reflecting light like this.

Integra is definitely female. She is, however, referred to as Sir Integra Hellsing. As far as I have seen, she is the only female in Hellsing to be drawn with the more normal-sized eyes that are reserved for male characters. We'll see an example of the more typical huge female eyes when we get to Seras Victoria.

Another shot of a very stoic Integra. This and the shot just above are somewhat unusual, in that she is usually shown with at least one lens of her glasses reflecting a glare of light.

This is about as close to irritation as she comes in the first episode, when Alucard disagrees with her regarding the fate of the newly-minted vampire Seras.

I'll cover a couple more pictures of Integra, along with one "prop" shot, in the next post.

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