Friday, February 06, 2009

Hellsing close-up study: Order 01 - Weapons

Firearms play a big role in this anime, especially when it comes to the two pistols used by Alucard. In this first episode, we see only his first pistol, a custom-made semi-automatic .454 Casull. Warning: spoilers ahead. Click on all images for a larger version.

This is the only time in the first episode that we see his pistol in full. It is supposed to be very large and powerful. Most of the shots we see of it are very tight close-ups that show only a part of it at a time. It is usually shown by the camera panning across its length, or the camera remains stationary while the gun is drawn through the field of view.

At the very beginning we get to see the gun being assembled. Here the recoil spring and guide rod are being inserted into the slide.

Just after that, the slide is assembled onto the frame. This is a stationary shot with the slide running through the field of view.

A glimpse of the middle part of the slide, showing the gun's nomenclature.

Another brief glimpse of a loaded magazine. From this shot we can see that the cartridges are not exactly like your typical .454 Casull, which is a rimmed cartridge. This shows us a rimless cartridge, from which we can assume that the ammunition is a custom-made "auto-mag" version.

Another stationary shot gives us the magazine being inserted.

Here is another stationary shot that shows the gun being drawn. The camera points at this spot while the entire pistol is drawn through the field of view.

A single bullet rifles through the air in slow motion.

And a single shell bounces onto the floor, leaving a thin trail of smoke in its wake.

Had enough? As I work my way through the series, I might be posting more like this, and I'll be paying close attention to the various weapons used, if I can get some really good close-up shots of them.

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