Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kate Bush - Hammer Horror demo

I thought I'd just keep working my way through the Kate Bush canon for the Sunday afternoon video, and this time I've selected a double feature. The first one is not really a video. The "video" part is just a collection of pictures of her that cycle through during the music. However, when I first bought The Whole Story, which was the first album of hers I ever bought, I was struck by all the different "faces" she had as shown on the inside jacket. She has always been very theatrical and is able to portray an amazing range of moods--sometimes not even appearing to be the same person. I think this collection of slides does a pretty decent job of portraying her many faces.

As for the music itself, it is very interesting to me because this is the demo version of one of her singles, "Hammer Horror," from the Lionheart album (her second). The audio is rough, and it's just her singing and playing the piano (she is also a very accomplished pianist).

And here is the "official" video, with the finished song as it appeared on Lionheart.

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