Thursday, March 26, 2009


the view through my windshield at about 1:30 this afternoonSo, did any of you S.A. folks get to see any of that awesome lightning today? I did, a little too close. I had to seek refuge on someone's front porch for about 15 minutes while I waited for the lightning storm to slack off in Alamo Heights. I just about evacuated myself at least once. There were a couple of really close strikes.


  1. Big hit right next to the kids school when they were all getting out.

    The thunder shook my truck violently.

  2. I had close call with lightning once when I was a kid; I was riding my bicycle and was knocked over by a loud boom, a blast of air, and a blinding light. When I got up and my eyes focused, I saw where an old wrought-iron fence (like the one on the old Addams Family show)that ran along the sidewalk about six feet from me had been hit, and had a bent and fused section on it where it had been hit.

  3. I was working at the ACCD fire station just south of 1604@ I-35s and got rained out.
    The guys working in La Vernia worked all day.
    On the way back to Selma I saw three cars try to get in a wreck on 410.