Friday, April 03, 2009

A false statement deliberately presented as being true

That is: a lie.

JR has a roundup on blogosphere and MSM coverage of the "90% of guns in Mexico come from American gun stores and gun shows" lie with Fox News is Catching up With Bloggers on the American Gunz in Mexico Farce.

It is not spin.  It is not skew.  It is a lie.  A deliberate presented falsehood.  Read the whole thing for full details.  Be sure and read this Gun Rights Examiner column as well.

Here's the truth:  the weapons that the drugs wars are being fought with in Mexico can't be coming from U.S. gun stores and gun shows, because if they were, I would own the very same weapons, that is:  fully-automatic firearms, grenades, rocket launchers, etc.  They are getting there because the Mexican army purchases such weapons from other governments, including the United States', and since corruption is so rampant among the Mexican government and military, it is easy to see how these weapons are being sold, traded to, or stolen by the thugs who use them.

It's just that simple.  So if you're looking for someone to blame, don't blame the little gun store owner.  Blame your own government.

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  1. Spot on and with Fox catching up and speaks volumes about the Citizen Journalist.