Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ripping notes

If you've been watching the twitter feed in the sidebar, you can see I've been ripping all of my Alan Parsons Project records. I have all their studio albums except the last one, Gaudi. I was disappointed with Stereotomy when it first came out, so much so that I decided not to buy Gaudi when it came out. But now I think I want to complete the collection, and I've been reading some comments on it that give me the impression it's better than Stereotomy. I think I'll be ordering it on CD pretty soon.

I think I'll be making some specific playlists regarding APP when I get that last album. One playlist will be of all their instrumentals, and other playlists will be built according to who sang lead on the song. I generally tend to like the songs with Eric Woolfson on lead vocals best. That's probably a big reason I didn't care for Stereotomy all that much, because he doesn't sing lead on any song from that album. Gaudi is supposed to have him back in the lead for some of the songs.

APP was a group that I always liked when I heard their songs on the radio, but I didn't buy any of their stuff until Eye in the Sky. After that I went back and hunted down all their older albums, and bought the newer ones as soon as they were released. They're still one of my favorite groups. Many of their songs will have to be included in my big favorite songs list (The Official Soundtrack) when I get around to putting that together.

We had a nice day today. My daughter went with a church group to a nearby miniature golf place, but they ended up not playing golf and instead doing just about everything else there (go-carts, bumper boats, etc.). My son asked me if we could do some "boy stuff," so I took him with me as we dropped a worn-out tire off at the local tire shop to get a replacement (I'll pick it up Monday), then we went to NAPA for oil and a filter and I showed him how to change the oil in the truck.

After some Sonic hamburgers (I got my favorite double jalapeƱo cheeseburger) and a nap, I worked on that last record and am giving the wavs a cursory listen right now prior to the filtering and converting to mp3. So far so good.

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