Friday, April 24, 2009


I managed to hack out another installment which I posted at Nightgaunt's Realm today. Not quite up to the first one, but I felt that I needed to write something, even if it mostly stunk. I needed to do a bit of exposition, but had problems fitting it into a brief tale. And I was starting to get a little tired of mindless inactivity today, although the lack of activity has given my ankle a chance to stop hurting so much.

But hey, it's not written in stone, only electrons, so I can always change it or just delete it.

P.S. I think I'll drop by Bullfrog Books tomorrow and see if they have any poetry collections by Lord Byron. I've found some pretty interesting stuff there.

P.P.S. The ankle problem is something that didn't seem serious at the time, but has come to be a continuous bother, though not so serious as an actual handicap. I was reading in alleys several months ago. It was not one of my regular routes, therefore I didn't know exactly where all the meters were. Whoever had been doing it had not bothered to put the lids back on the meter boxes. I found a lid under a bunch of leaves and grass, and as I stepped forward to lift it, I stepped into the hidden meter box. My foot very quickly twisted far forward and down, extremely compressing the Achilles tendon in my left ankle. It never has completely healed, or gotten back to normal. Normal walking is no problem, but if I have to do a lot of walking over irregular terrain it becomes a real bother.

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