Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Writing about books

My friend Brer at Power of Babel has started a new thing for his blog: he is going through his entire library, posting the titles of at least 10 books every day, and writing whatever commentary is inspired by these semi-random installments.

I read a lot more than the average shmuck--not a boast, just one of those things that I have come to realize, although my book reading has slacked off a lot in the past several years. When I was younger, I got most of my reading done in school when I had already taken care of any class- or homework, and on the bus ride to and from school, and at night before I went to sleep. These days I have to drive myself everywhere, I don't have any downtime while waiting for a class to end, and once I lie down at night, I pretty much go to sleep with little delay--no matter if I'm reading something or not.

Anyhow, when Brer gets going on his books, he often makes me feel somewhat ashamed that I have read so little. Just click the link above and scroll down. He just started this yesterday so it will be easy to catch up. You may find something interesting.

Oh, but...one thing. If you leave comments there, whatever you do, do not mention Dennis L. McKiernan.

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