Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday random 20

1. Indigo Girls - Blood and Fire
2. Gary Burton Quintet - Dreams So Real
3. Meat Loaf - Somebody Loves Me
4. Kronos Quartet - White Man Sleeps IV (note to self: fix the tags for this album, they are totally screwed up)
5. Glen Campbell - Gentle On My Mind
6. Wall of Voodoo - Chains of Luck
7. Styx - Pieces of Eight
8. The Sushi Club - Neo Tokyo
9. Mott the Hoople - Roll Away the Stone
10. Utopia - The Very Last Time
11. The Alarm - Permanence in Change
12. Slowdeck - Scared Me (So Busy)
13. Ohio Express - Mercy
14. David Schnaufer - Rock Th' Shay
15. Al Stewart - Midnight Rocks
16. The Doors - The Spy
17. Suzanne Vega - Solitude Standing
18. Don Dixon - Oh Cheap Chatter
19. Hüsker Dü - Something I Learned Today
20. deep-dive-corp. - Relaxer

1. Say what you want about their politics, I still think Indigo Girls second album (the self-titled one) has some great stuff on it. They had one other before that, but it was with Indigo Girls that they hit the big time.
2. From a free jazz sampler from Amazon.
3. From a "salute to Gershwin" album which I bought because it has Kate Bush doing "The Man I Love."
4. My only Kronos Quartet album. They're good, but I just never really got into them.
5. More music from my childhood. From a "best of" CD that has all his best stuff, and is about all I need from him.
6. From the Andy Prieboy era.
7. A favorite Styx song.
8. Ambient music, downloaded back when Musical Starstreams used to make all their programs available for download.
9. Mott the Hoople! Mott the Hoople! Mott the Hoople! I just like saying it.
10. Todd Rundgren's group, from a "best of" Rundgren CD.
11. I listened to a lot of The Alarm back in the 80s.
12. Same as #8.
13. From a compilation CD of bubblegum hits.
14. Schnaufer is a master of the mountain dulcimer. If you ever want to hear some really excellent dulcimer music, get something by David Schnaufer.
15. From a "best of" CD.
16. Classic Doors from Morrison Hotel.
17. One of my favorite female singers.
18. Don Dixon is probably more in demand as a producer than a performer, but he can do some good stuff.
19. Classic Hüsker Dü from Zen Arcade.
20. Same as #8 and #12.


  1. "Gentle On My Mind" has always been a favorite of mine. And believe it or not, I've never heard any Mott the Hoople; in fact, the only thing I know about them is that one of their members left to form the group Bad Company, one of my favorite groups from the '70s.

  2. Re: #1- I've liked the Indigo Girls' music, before and after I learned about their "lifestyle," and I don't really care about that, I still like the music. I was having to explain to the Missus last night about them, comparing them with Melissa Etheridge, in that I loved the music, I didn't care about their personal lives. They could even get up on stage and do a "Dixie Chicks" and talk trash (I know, it was only Natalie), it's their First Amendment right, but when they then start trashing the Second Amendment, then we've got a problem!

  3. I guessed they were gay from the moment I heard their name, so I was never really concerned with that. I got the two next albums that followed this one also, but their stuff started getting too pompous and preachy and I wrote them off, the same way I did with U2 and REM.