Monday, June 15, 2009

Deer news

On Friday, while working in that gated subdivision off of 1604 (on the north side) between Redland and Bulverde Road (I don't remember the name of the subdivision) I almost stepped on a fawn. His mama must have hidden him behind a bush right on top of a meter early that morning before going out to forage. Spooked him pretty bad. Spooked me, too. I hope he returned or found a new hiding place to wait out the day.

On of my dad's doe's had triplets yesterday. That doesn't happen often. Twins are more common. It doesn't look like she can produce enough milk for all three and they'll have to bottle-feed at least one of them. They came and got my dog pen today to separate the fawns so the vet can come give them a once-over. I hope they make it. I have learned that deer can be a lot more fragile and death-prone than they appear to be, especially when they are young.

The dog pen was not being used. I keep my dog secured on a long trolley and only use the pen when I need to make repairs to the trolly. I have to watch her closely because she becomes violent in the presence of other dogs. I have never seen a dog that hated other dogs as much as she does.

ADDENDUM: Two bucks and one doe. One of the bucks was apparently too cramped in the womb and came out with skewed hips. They're going to see if he straightens out as he grows up. He isn't crippled, just looks kind of odd.

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