Thursday, June 18, 2009


Today in the mail I received a check from Cafe Press for $27.24. I was mightily puzzled about it. It's been ages since I've even looked at Cafe Press and I had no idea how I made that money. It turns out several people have bought a Don't Tread On Me cap that I slapped together a long time ago. All the purchases were in March and April of this year, even though I created it at least a year ago. Strange.

There are a couple of other items there in a similar vein. Click here if you want to check them out. I think my personal favorite is the "Homegrown Terrorist" shirt, but I've never bought one for myself so I don't know how good it looks in real life.


  1. Not so strange. March and April were when the Tea Parties were gaining strength. My guess is people bought the hat to wear at some rallies.

  2. Oh yeah. That makes sense.

  3. I'm not sure I get it. Do you simply submit a design of some original art work or logo and then if someone decides to purchase a t-shirt or hat, the Cafe Express folks do the work, send the person the shirt or hat then send you a cut of the proceeds?

    If so, that sounds pretty cool. Too bad I'm not artistic enough to design something.

  4. That's about it. You download their templates first so you get the image the right size and shape, then you upload the modified template and say which products you want it on. They tell you the base price for that item and you add a few dollars to it which will be your profit if anyone buys it.

    I used a Gadsden flag that I found somewhere on the internet several years ago and was high-res enough to make a cap. No one else was selling a black cap with that design so I thought it was a good idea. I was planning on doing it just so I could get my own cap like I wanted but then I forgot about it.

    If you buy your own item you pay only the base price, of course, not the base+your profit.

  5. What the other thing on the "new" Gonzales flag design you made, next to the M-16/AR-15?