Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mid-year update

Got my numbers the other day. Through the end of June I have read 70,214 meters with 63 errors for an accuracy rate of 99.91%. I'm ranked #13 out of 26. I really should be around #10 because some of them above me have transferred to other departments and therefore won't be eligible for any ranking at the end of the year, but for now they're still on the list. Also there should be more like 35 people instead of 26 but with all the transfers that have been going on we can't keep a full staff. We do have 5 or 6 temps working plus 3 (I think) new guys who aren't on the list because they just started. So we are around 35 right now, but several of them are not permanent employees.

So anyway, I have a shot at making the Top 10, but it will be close. Last month was my best month ever, with only 4 errors.


  1. Sooo since you are taking the readings how do they know you made an error???

  2. One way is if a meter reads LESS than it did the previous month, either I read it wrong or the meter has gone bad. If the meter is tested and turns out to be okay, that means I read it wrong. However, most "errors" don't mean the meter was read wrong. We have a long list of "trouble codes" that should be entered for certain things. I can read the meter correctly but enter the wrong trouble code and still get hit with an error. There's another department that investigates trouble codes.