Thursday, August 06, 2009

10 albums a day #10

Back to the general collection.

Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits (1967, CD)
Bob Marley - Legend (1984, LP)
Bob Mould - Workbook (1989, CD), Black Sheets of Rain (1990, CD)
Bobby Bare - The Essential Bobby Bare (1997, CD)
Bonnie Raitt - Nick of Time (1987, CD)
Bonnie Tyler - Faster Than the Speed of Night (1983, CD)
The Boomtown Rats - Greatest Hits (1987, cassette)
Boston - Boston (1976, CD), Don't Look Back (1978, CD), Third Stage (1986, CD)

I thought I should have that Dylan CD in my collection. Other than that, the only other Dylan I have is that multi-LP set Biograph, but I haven't ripped any of it. At one time I had made a cassette of songs I liked from it that I labeled "Best of Biograph" and I might just select certain songs to rip from it when I do get around to it, and not try to rip the whole thing.

Legend: Everyone should have one reggae album in their collection--but no more than one. This one's mine.

Bob Mould was the primary lead singer for Husker Du and these are his first two solo albums. He has been very prolific and there came a point when I just didn't have the finances to keep up with him, besides, I liked the old Husker Du stuff better than his solo stuff, in general. These are still very good albums.

Bobby Bare is another of the classic country that can be found in the collection. He's okay, although I wouldn't put him in with other really great country artists. I remember my mother hated him when I was a kid, but my wife likes him. In fact, she has an old cassette of his that she wants me to rip & burn to CD before it wears out.

I'm not sure why I bought the Bonnie Raitt CD, but I do like it. The Bonnie Tyler CD is more 80s nostalgia that I bought cheap when I found it in a clearance bin. I know there are songs on this album that a lot of people hate, but that's only because it's so easy to hate them. There's a cover of John Fogerty's "Have You Ever Seen the Rain" on this one that isn't totally bad.

I also have a homebrewed mix CD of the Boomtown Rats that was sent to me by my friend Babel, and it's a much better representative selection of that group than this cassette is.

And of course we finish with the standard Boston albums that no respectable rock music collection could be without.

Album count: 100.

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