Tuesday, August 11, 2009

10 albums a day #14

David Schnaufer - Dulcimer Player Deluxe (1989, CD)
David Slater - Be With Me (1989, CD)
Deana Carter - Did I Shave My Legs for This? (1996, CD)
Deep Purple
- Deep Purple (1969, CD)
- In Rock (1970, LP picture disk)
- Powerhouse (1977, LP)
- Deepest Purple (1980, LP)
- Perfect Strangers (1984, CD)
Demon - Night of the Demon (1981, LP)

I think I must have gotten overzealous when I was deleting some posts to prevent redundancy at one time. I'm sure I commented on the David Slater CD before but it doesn't turn up in the search.

Anyhow, from the top. I became enchanted with the mountain dulcimer when I saw one played at the Institute of Texan Cultures on a history class field trip in seventh grade. I kept my eyes open for recordings of the dulcimer, but man were they ever hard to find. I came across the Schnaufer CD several years after its release, and it's awesome. He is an absolute master of the mountain dulcimer and if you want to hear some really great playing, get this CD or anything else by him that you can find. This is one of only two dulcimer-oriented albums I have. They are still hard to find.

David Slater is someone who I kind of actually knew at one point. We both went to the same summer church camp/music school and were in many of the same classes. I still have an old recording (on cassette) from the camp talent show of 1982 on which he can be heard singing two Dan Fogelberg songs. It was clear even back then that he had an extra measure of talent beyond most of the people there. I came across this CD by chance in a clearance bin sometime in the mid-90s. The music on this one is standard Nashville pop-that-calls-itself-country.

I really like that Deana Carter CD. She has a great voice with the ring of authenticity and although she is not credited as such, I read that she did a lot of the production work behind this album--she wasn't just some singer that they pasted on to the songs, which is how so many "country" albums are made.

I have some other Deep Purple records that I haven't ripped yet. I also used to have both Machine Head and Who Do We Think We Are on cassette but wore them out and haven't replaced them. I did download "Lazy," which is from Machine Head and is one of my favorite DP songs. I used to go to sleep at night listening to Deep Purple. My favorite album of theirs overall is In Rock.

Click the link for comments on the Demon album. I also have their Uninvited Guest, but I haven't ripped it yet.

Album count: 138.

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