Tuesday, September 22, 2009

10 albums a day #47

Rush, all on CD except where noted.
- Rush (1974)
- Fly By Night (1975)
- Caress of Steel (1975)
- 2112 (1976)
- A Farewell to Kings (1977)
- Hemispheres (1978)
- Permanent Waves (1980)
- Moving Pictures (1981)
- Signals (1982)
- Grace Under Pressure (1984)
- Power Windows (1985, LP)
- Hold Your Fire (1987)
- Presto (1989)
- Roll the Bones (1991)
- Counterparts (1993)
- Test for Echo (1996)
- Vapor Trails (2002)

I hope, with this post, I have at least partly redeemed myself for having all those REM albums.

The first one I bought was 2112. After listening to my room-mate's record, I saw it in the ACU bookstore and bought it for myself. Next I think was Caress of Steel, probably purchased either at the bookstore or the Wal-Mart down the street. Everything up to Power Windows was originally purchased on LP except for Signals, which I somehow skipped. Yourmusic.com had their entire catalog up to Vapor Trails on CD, except for Power Windows, so I put them all the queue and replaced all the records plus added some new ones I didn't have yet to get caught up. I still don't have Feedback or Snakes & Arrows, but I'll get them sooner or later.

My favorites of these are 2112 and A Farewell to Kings, but overall Rush is still among my favorite groups, and I intend to keep following them as long they're around.

Album count: 486.


  1. Excellent stuff. My favorites among these are Fly By Night, A Farewell to Kings, Permanent Waves, and Grace Under Pressure. I never really got into Rush's later stuff, although I did like some music off of Roll the Bones.

    Did you ever get any of their live albums? I had a couple, and I thought they were very good, too.

  2. No. In general I've never been all that interested in live albums. I did buy a videotape of concert footage from the "Exit...Stage Left" time period.