Wednesday, September 23, 2009

10 albums a day #48

Skinny Puppy
- Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse (1986, LP)
- Cleanse Fold and Manipulate (1987, LP)
- VIVIsectVI (1988, LP)
The Smithereens - Especially For You (1986, LP)
Sonic Youth - Goo (1990, CD)
The Sons of the Pioneers - Ultimate Collection (2002, CD)
Steve Forbert - Jackrabbit Slim (1979, LP)
Steve Miller Band - The Encore Collection: Extended Versions (2003, CD)
Steve Vai
- Flex-Able (1984, LP)
- Passion and Warfare (1990, cassette)

I don't remember why I bought the Smithereens album. I think I saw one of their videos on MTV. Back around that time, we had cable in Mr. Gatti's and would always put the big screen TVs on MTV while we cleaned up after closing. Note for the kids: this was back before MTV sucked. Yes, there was such a time. Also they showed only music videos. That's originally what the "M" stood for (Music, that is), before they changed it to standing for "Mediocre." Anyway it's a cool album and I don't think it has a weak track on it. I guess my favorite is "Behind the Wall of Sleep." Or maybe "Groovy Tuesday," or "Strangers When We Meet." Heck, like I said, it doesn't have a weak track on it.

Sonic Youth, on the other hand...I have no idea why I bought this one. Every time I hear something from it turn up in the shuffle, I wonder yet again what ever possessed me to buy it. I'm still trying to figure that one out.*

I used to have a cassette of Sons of the Pioneers but I wore it out. I found this one at It has 21 tracks, so it has a lot of good stuff on it, but I don't know if I'd go so far as to call it "ultimate" because they forgot "The Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma."

My wife bought that Steve Miller Band CD for me. I also have their first "greatest hits" on LP but I haven't ripped it yet. They were another "radio band," by which I mean I always liked hearing them on the radio but didn't bother buying any of their stuff (except for that one compilation). The "Extended Versions" thing is a series; I've seen several other groups in the same kind of package. I don't know how really "extended" they are, but they are all "live" recordings.

I bought Flex-Able because I had heard of Steve Vai and wanted to hear him unencumbered by whatever band he happened to playing for. Passion and Warfare was recommended by a co-worker, and it's a much better album but the cassette has deteriorated somewhat and I'd like to get the CD for better sound quality.

Album count: 496.

*Okay, here's a theory. I was joining one of those mail-order music clubs and when I went to pick out my 10 CDs for a penny or whatever, they didn't have a very good selection. So in the end, I was reduced to picking out the last few albums on the "what the heck, maybe it won't be completely bad" principle, and this was one I picked. Yeah, that's sounds pretty good. I'll stick with that.

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  1. Passion and Warfare is a great album. Definitely worth getting on CD.