Thursday, September 03, 2009

Come over to the dark side of the force, you nub

I had intended to rip quite a few more albums today, but my wife brought me an old dupe tape that she wanted me to preserve before it bit the dust. It was in pretty bad shape, but I ripped and burned it to CD for her anyway. The whole process took a big bite out of my time today.

I'm off work today and tomorrow, for no reason. I just wanted to take a couple days vacation and I have plenty of time to burn. Since my truck is still in the shop I'm not doing anything or going anywhere; I have a borrowed car but I don't want to use it frivolously.

I need to hunt down some kind of anti-static device for my records. I used to use a sort of brush with some special anti-static liquid that I got from Radio Shack a long time ago, but I haven't been able to find anything like it recently. I do use a brush with some cleaning fluid, but it only cleans the record and doesn't de-static it. I had to use a trick I read about a while back to rip the John Denver album. It had a couple of bad skips, so I played it "wet." I put some drops of the cleaning fluid directly onto the parts where there were scratches so the needle could sort of hydroplane across them without skipping. It worked.

My main purpose for this short break is just to be away from work for a few extra days, so today I just bummed around the house and never even took off my pajamas except to take a shower--that's my idea of a good vacation. And I watched Hancock today. I figured out the end "twist" almost the first time I saw the woman. Sometimes I wonder if movies would be more fun if I didn't figure out the whole upcoming story in the first 20 minutes. Oh well, I still think it was an okay movie. I also watched Strange Brew, which I had recorded from a movie channel a few weeks ago. First time I'd seen that movie in 20+ years, and it was still funny.

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  1. Ball (as in the canning jar company) used to make that vinyl LP preservation system. Start there?