Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FYI: Swine Flu

I just did a quick search of G00gl3 news and didn't find any mention of it, but we were warned this morning that another employee of the company I work for (and which I decline from naming because I don't want to turn up in G00gl3 searches--but I think you know which company I mean, if not and you really want to know, email me), and who reports to the same building as I but is in a different department, has been hospitalized with swine flu.

Well, the sanitation team, whoever they are, was in the building today, basically bathing every inside surface with the equivalent of hand sanitizer.  Small containers of hand sanitizer have been re-ordered so that all employees can be supplied with one, and sanitary disposable towelette dispensers have been placed at several critical locations inside the building.

I suppose this will turn up in the news pretty soon, but I'm posting the news here so now you know.

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