Friday, October 30, 2009

Anybody remember this?

James might.

I had to use a personal holiday before the end of the year so I'm off work today. I spent a couple of hours this morning plowing through our small but jam-packed storage shed in search of 1) all the rest of the D&D books, and 2) my chainsaw case. I didn't find the case, although I did find the chainsaw and all related accoutrements (except that special little wrench). I also found the last box of D&D stuff which included the Snarfquest book and a bunch of old Dragon magazines. There were also several odd items that I might have to post scans of in the future.

Now if I could just find the dice that I had lost, then found, then misplaced again.


  1. Nope. Don't remember it. The only "Snarf" I know about is the little mentor cat that took care of Lion-O on the ThunderCats.

  2. It was a comic that ran in Dragon magazine, and eventually they put the whole thing in a book.

  3. Loved this book! Read it as a child, it was my bro's one, until he lent it, and the rest was history. Would do anything for a copy of it again!