Friday, November 13, 2009

A slightly surreal and quite hilarious moment

I was on a two-man route today so we got to use a company truck. It's Friday, so that meant we had to wash the truck. We finished early, and there's a silly rule that we can't return to the office until 11:30, no matter how early we finish, so rather than wait for the prescribed time and then wash the truck at the yard, we went to a public car wash and shelled out a couple of dollars to get it done. I had always thought it was quite obvious that we are both blue-eyed eastern(ish) European-ancestry types. Well, suddenly a trucker who was lost stopped on the street and came running over to us to ask directions. This happens fairly often, because when people see us in our work shirts they always think we know where everything is. Anyway, the guy comes running up and the first thing he says is...

"Hey, you guys habla Inglés?"

And I answered...