Monday, January 11, 2010

It's true, you know...

I have been wholly lacking in the will or inspiration lately to post anything. This pic was inspired by a graphic of similar nature I saw earlier today featuring Keifer Sutherland as one of The Lost Boys (note: add to Netflix queue--the kids haven't seen it yet).

The Nosferatu DVD was interesting. It came with three soundtracks: one by The Silent Orchestra, which sounded all electronic to me. The second was some guy playing the organ which seems more period-appropriate and I think provides a better atmosphere. The third had commentary by somebody whose name I forgot. I haven't listened to the commentary yet, but took measures so that I could listen to it in the future. Also included was some background info on the places in which the movie was filmed, many of which still look almost the same today as they did during filming.

By the way, we caught The Goonies on one of the movie channels not long ago. A seminal 80s film that I had never seen before. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. My son will watch just about anything that has pirates in it.

The graphic above is, of course, an illustration of the Croglin Vampire by Les Edwards. For me, this is one of the best vampire pictures ever produced. It closely adheres to the description of the monster from the first story I ever read about it, while also--I think--obviously finding inspiration from Max Schreck's portrayal.


  1. Nosferatu with Klaus Kinski was kinda lame and insufficiently scary - it unravelled. Plus there were a number of continuity errors, like modern door-locks. I felt like I could practically look around the edges of the scenery and see some apartment bloc in Frankfurt. That Kinski was a seriously deranged and weird dude shows through - very German old-school lebensart - even before you get to his sex habits...

  2. Yeah, I've never seen that one, which is actually titled "Nosferatu the Vampyre." I was talking about the original.