Friday, January 22, 2010

More this and that and a video link

Rough day. I got jumped by a large politically incorrect dog that broke through a back fence and came at me while I was in an alley. Fortunately, it wasn't really that dedicated to a real attack and ran as soon as I took the fight to it. Still, I got a huge jolt of adrenalin and once it wore off I was shaky for quite some time afterwards. I'm pretty sure my invective outburst raised the ambient temperature at least 5 degrees in a 10-yard radius. On the more positive side, according to my notes (I keep a small notebook to help me remember) the first time I ever did that route it was raining and it took me well over 6 hours to do it. Egad, what a horrible day that was. Today I did it in only 3¼ hours. Unfortunately, the split route that I had with it was worse. My notes say that the one time I did the full route it took 4 hours. Today I did the first half and it took 2½ hours. Whoever got the last half today had it easy. It has way too much walking up and down West Commerce and Buena Vista. I guess this was karma getting even with me for having it exceptionally easy on Wednesday and Thursday.

I had to attend a 2-hour "confict resolution for field workers" class this week, also. What a waste of time.

In my opinion, January is far too early for 80-degree weather.

Sony are collectively a bunch of idiots. What do they gain by prohibiting "their" artists' videos from being embedded? Nothing. What do they lose? A truckload of free advertising when a video goes viral. Anyway, here's a cool video I checked out this week by a group called Lordi. This song was part of The End Records Free Sampler of various styles of "metal" which I downloaded some time ago but which is no longer available. It has become one of my favorite samplers and most of it is included in my construction-in-progress favorites list. Click to go to YouTube and view Would You Love a Monsterman by Lordi: a romantic horror story in 3¼ minutes.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm stealing BobG's shtick.


  1. Heh heh heh heh heh! Awesome video! Great costumes! Sometimes I just loves me some over-the-top metal!

  2. The music isn't really to my taste, if I was just sitting and listening to it, but the video was a great medium that made it more interesting for me.